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Railway Photography by Paul Robertson





Towards the end of 2013 I became intrigued by some excellent shots that had been taken by the stalwarts of pole photography, messrs Armitage & Walshaw and wondered how to go about 'joining the club'.

Andi pointed me in the right direction towards equipment, a Harris 5mtr painting pole, an adapter (obtained from the US) to convert the thread of the pole to tripod head size, and a Hahnel Inspire wireless controller to view my cameras live view on a hand held shutter release, a bit like a fat i-phone..




So in December I did my first practice shots with the hahnel shutter release, and as I was still awaiting delivery of the adapter from the States, I used the camera on top of a monopod, oftem held aloft, or rested on the top step of my extending ladders! Some of these test shots are below:

IMG_0368--60054-Rectory-Jn-201213-6E82-1216-to-Lindsey-1200px.jpg (518809 bytes)    IMG_0362-60020-Attenborough-201213-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury-1200px.jpg (502123 bytes)    IMG_0353-60001-Beeston-191213-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury-1200px.jpg (530566 bytes)    IMG_0359-66037-Beeston-191213-0645-Humber-Ratcliffe-PS.jpg (550428 bytes)    IMG_0357-43046-Beeston-191213-1128-Nottm-St-Pancras.jpg (562519 bytes)


A few days into the New Year and the postman delivered the adapter, so it was off for more tests, now 5 mtrs up! There were some issues with 'wobbliness' even in a light breeze, and a slight lag in the sensor on top of the camera transferring the liveview image onto the handheld shutter release. But with practise, and use of the motorwind some decent pics were obtained. I also dropped a handful of shots until I replaced a cable as it wasn't tight enough locating into the camera port and a breeze managed to blow this out on a couple of occasions causing me to have no control over the shutter release. This cost me 60074 in lucky sun on one occasion, but luckily I was able to repeat the same loco/location/train/sun combo the following week. Here are a few images taken with the 5mtr pole & Hahnel inspire combo:

IMG_0398-60059-Attenborough-020113-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury-1200px.jpg (425283 bytes)    IMG_0431-60044-Attenborough-080114-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (438144 bytes)    IMG_0453-67015-67016-Attenborough-140114-1Q19-0950-RTC-Kings-X-RTC.jpg (586936 bytes)    IMG_0471-60054-Chellaston-140114-6E54-1037-Kingsbury-Humber-1200px.jpg (494017 bytes)    IMG_0521-60074-Barrow-on-Trent-040214-6E54-1037-Kingsbury-Humber.jpg (508925 bytes)    IMG_0576-60024-Stenson-250214-6M00-1117-Humber-Kingsbury.jpg (459346 bytes)        IMG_0580-66016-Attenborough-260214-0843-Toton-Beeston-Macs.jpg (569884 bytes)    IMG_0633-60091-Muston-Bottesford-030314-6E82-1216-Rectory-Lindsey.jpg (345275 bytes)    IMG_0710-57011-Chellaston-190314-6Z96-1200-Basford-Hall-Toton.jpg (466496 bytes)

pole-set-up.jpg (134843 bytes)

I encountered another issue with the Harris pole when out taking the two shots below, after taking the Colas 66, I lowered the pole as the wasn't due for another 20mins or so, but a call from a mate said it was early and 2 mins behind the 66, and at that moment it could be heard coming. So in a panic trying to get the pole up, I'd not tightened the first section properly and it suddenly came crashing down, so trying to stop the big jolt on the camera as it got to the bottom, I gripped the pole, only for it to get part of my finger trapped in it and it took a big chunk out of the underside of my finger which in hindsight needed stitching. First aid followed after taking the shot of the 60 of course.....!

IMG_0587-66848-Sawley-260214-4Vxx-0825-Ratcliffe-Portbury.jpg (533468 bytes)    IMG_0592-60063-Sawley-260214-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (460532 bytes)    IMG_0595.jpg (224011 bytes)

On Sunday 16th March, there was the chance of using the pole at the East Mids 'holy grail' location of Chevin as the DCR Railvac train was coming back from Yorkshire to Chaddesden. 56312 was on the front, it was sunny, what could go wrong? I got to Chevin around 20 mins before it was due, fellow pole users Jason C & Mick T were already set up. As I started to set up my pole, a noise could be heard, and then the Grid hove into view, panic... I got the pole up, but a connection error on the Hahnel hand held release meant I had to turn it off and restart it. It didn't get back on in time for the liveview to transmit but the shutter fired, but I was doing it blindly.. The resultant pictures were awfully composed, as would be expected. However I "thought Digi" and took a frame with no train in, composed as I would have took it, and with the back of the consist provided by Jason (Ta mate) I managed to produce in photoshop an image of what it should have looked like ! However it got me thinking, perhaps it was time to change wireless controllers...........

IMG_0676.jpg (315899 bytes)    IMG_0680-56312-31190-Chevin-160314-6Z41-0755-Wakefield-KG-Chaddesden-sdgs-B.jpg (417476 bytes)

After deliberating on whether to change wireless controller, or even go down the 6D route which has built in wifi, I settled on ordering a Camranger wireless controller. This provides full control over the camera and its settings, so it's possible to change shutter speed, ISO etc with the camera on top of the pole. The control of the camranger is through either an I-phone or I-Pad, the reproduction of the liveview image on the I-phone is pretty small but I've managed so far, but the I-pad is now my preferrence as this reproduces the liveview image the full size of the I-pad screen. I use a music stand I-pad holder to secure it to the pole, to allow me one hand to hold the pole, and the other to operate the I-pad.



IMG_0748-47739-Attenborough-240314-6E07-0655-Washwood-Heath-Boston.jpg (379692 bytes)    IMG_0773-47739-Ratcliffe-240314-6M08-1150-Boston-Washwood-Heath.jpg (359101 bytes)    IMG_0782-60074-Attenborough-270314-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (371808 bytes)    IMG_0844-60065-Ratcliffe-140414-6B01-0500-Harlington-Toton.jpg (514996 bytes)    IMG_0854-66619-Ratcliffe-140414-6L44-0445-Earles-West-Thurrock.jpg (437375 bytes)    IMG_0878-66723-Chellaston-150414-6K50-1513-Toton-Basford-Hall.jpg (409136 bytes)    IMG_0884-57009-57010-Chellaston-150414-6Z96-1200-Basford-Hall-Toton.jpg (470284 bytes)

IMG_0895-66620-Trent-180414-6M91-West-Thurrock-Earles.jpg (371077 bytes)    IMG_0766-66620-Ratcliffe-240314-6L89-Tunstead-West-Thurrock.jpg (361219 bytes)    IMG_0813-43168-Wootton-Rivers-090414-1A77-0541-Penzance-Paddington.jpg (481714 bytes)    IMG_0932-60040-Attenborough-030514-6E46-0437-Kingsbury-Lindsey.jpg (577648 bytes)    IMG_0955-60007-Sawley-140514-6M22-2300-Liverpool-BT-Ratcliffe.jpg (461863 bytes)    IMG_0961-20314-20901-Litchurch-Lane-works-140514.jpg (340781 bytes)    IMG_1010-60024-Muston-210514-6E82-1216-Rectory-Lindsey.jpg (529634 bytes)

IMG_9267-47790-47832-Trent-Meadows-060614-5Z32-0432-Crewe-CS-Nottingham.jpg (415939 bytes)    IMG_9245-47790-47832-Trent-060614-5Z32-0432-Crewe-CS-Nottingham.jpg (502801 bytes)    IMG_9256-60079-Trent-Meadows-060614-6E46-0437-Kingsbury-Lindsey.jpg (489675 bytes)    IMG_9216-60074-Stenson-050614-6M00-1140-Humber-OR-Kingsbury.jpg (465985 bytes)    IMG_9361-D6732-Weybourne-down-distant-NNR-EMRPS-Charter-120614.jpg (408734 bytes)    IMG_9379-D6732-Weybourne-NNR-EMRPS-Charter-120614.jpg (575195 bytes)    IMG_9388-D6732-Dead-mans-Hill-NNR-120614-EMRPS-charter.jpg (442950 bytes)

IMG_9397-D6732-approaching-Weybourne-NNR-130614-during-an-EMRPS-photo-charter.jpg (320242 bytes)    IMG_9429-D6732-Kelling-Heath-NNR-EMRPS-Charter-120614.jpg (479402 bytes)    IMG_9410-37219-D306-D8059-Weybourne-120614.jpg (440309 bytes)    IMG_9447-D6732-Weybourne-NNR-EMRPS-Charter-120614.jpg (405399 bytes)    IMG_9821-66738-Trent-100714-0440-Peterborough-Tunstead.jpg (427802 bytes)    IMG_9837-37425-37601-Attenborough-100714-1Q14-0915-RTC-Lincolon-RTC.jpg (588960 bytes)    IMG_0041-59205-Crofton-040814-7A09-0712-Merehead-Acton.jpg (453194 bytes)

IMG_9915-57002-57010-Barrow-on-Soar-210714-6U77-1342-Mountsorrel-Basford-Hall.jpg (516530 bytes)    IMG_0048-43020-Crofton-040814-xxxx-Paddington-Penzance.jpg (418352 bytes)    IMG_0107-60063-Trent-Meadows-190814-6E46-0437-Kingsbury-Lindsey.jpg (475269 bytes)   IMG_0637-60019-Attenborough-281014-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (497722 bytes)

After a friend had bought and tested a larger, more robust pole, that had the advantage of smaller overall packed away size, meaning it would fit in my boot, a purchase was made of a Brodex 26ft summit pole. This are pro window cleaning poles, but they do a camera pole add on. Not cheap though...


And after causing damage to the mini USB connection to the motherboard on my 5D Mk11 (caused by putting the camera on/in my camera bag still with the USB cable attached to camera &

camranger), I bought a 6D Mk11 and utilise the built in WiFi to operate the camera via the Canon App on my i-phone. 

In 2018, after suffering some wi-fi connection issues causing lost shots, I bought a Canon cable release extension lead, and now use the wi-fi

purely for setting up the shot, and use the cable release to fire the shutter.

IMG_0888-66522-Swarkestone-241214-6M49-Hull-Rugeley.jpg (613771 bytes)    IMG_0927-66175-Trent-271214-6M03-Humber-Ratcliffe.jpg (592224 bytes)    IMG_0894-60020-Swarkestone-241214-6Z37-1132-Ratcliffe-Arpley.jpg (592723 bytes)    IMG_0944-60035-Colwick-oil-terminal-291214-6E82-1216-to-Lindsey.jpg (501346 bytes)    IMG_9229-60010-Findern-030215-6Z37-1132-Ratcliffe-Arpley.jpg (495704 bytes)    IMG_0918-43050-Attenborough-271214-1032-Nottm-St-Pancras.jpg (558508 bytes)    IMG_9235-68005-Barrow-030215-6U77-1342-Mountsorrel-Basford-Hall.jpg (509895 bytes)    IMG_3388-90039-90037-Old-Linslade-050816-6M76-2146-Mossend-Wembley.jpg (784479 bytes)

IMG_9628-60059-Attenborough-100315-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (586820 bytes)    IMG_9607-60020-Stenson-030315-6M00-1140-Humber-Kingsbury.jpg (493207 bytes)    IMG_9550-31233-Attenborough-230215-3Q01-0915-Derby-RTC-Skegness-RTC.jpg (605586 bytes)    IMG_9453-60076-Rectory-Jn-180215-6E82-1216-to-Lindsey.jpg (577011 bytes)    IMG_9451-60076-Rectory-Jn-180215-6E82-1216-to-Lindsey.jpg (542227 bytes)    IMG_9372-59004-Hungerford-7A09-170215.jpg (561087 bytes)    IMG_9592-68010-Stenson-030315-6U77-1342-Mountsorrel-Basford-Hall.jpg (540883 bytes)    IMG_2486-59001-App-Newbury-030516-7A09-0712-Merehead-Acton.jpg (532321 bytes)

IMG_9946-56078-Rectory-Jn-180415-6E07-1108-Washwood-Heath-Boston.jpg (513084 bytes)    IMG_9961-60039-Harringworth-180415-7B06-1547-Toton-Leagrave.jpg (496216 bytes)    IMG_9973-60099-Sawley-210415-6M57-0715-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (527544 bytes)    IMG_0103-56113-Attenborough-060515-6E07-0435-Washwood-Heath-Boston.jpg (603480 bytes)    IMG_0143-56113-Attenborough-070515-6E07-0435-Washwood-Heath-Boston.jpg (787443 bytes)    IMG_9319-D6732-Weybourne-NNR-EMRPS-Charter-120614.jpg (561069 bytes)    IMG_9374-D3940-D5631-Weybourne-120614.jpg (523097 bytes)    IMG_0956.jpg (573404 bytes)

IMG_0156-60095-66206-Sawley-120515-6G45-1653-Toton-Yd-Bescot-Yd.jpg (622222 bytes)    IMG_0260-60020-Howsham-210515-6E41-1135-Westerleigh-Lindsey.jpg (448775 bytes)    IMG_0308-66419-Derby-270515-4E01-Southampton-MT-Leeds-FLT.jpg (452765 bytes)    IMG_0327-56113-Sawley-270515-6E07-0600-Washwood-Heath-Boston-docks.jpg (464690 bytes)    IMG_0342-56113-Trent-270515-6E07-0600-Washwood-Heath-Boston-docks.jpg (376004 bytes)    IMG_0372-56113-Attenborough-280515-6E07-0600-Washwood-Heath-Boston-docks.jpg (568832 bytes)    IMG_0385-60085-Rectory-Jn-300515-6M11-0058-Lindsey-OR-Rectory-Jn-Colwick.jpg (398830 bytes)    IMG_0937.jpg (624096 bytes)

IMG_0142-60021-Rectory-viadcut-Colwick-090715-6M11-0154-Lindsey-Rectory-Jn.jpg (397248 bytes)    IMG_0103-20118-20132-Hicks-Lodge-030715-7X23-0933-Litchurch-Lane-Old-Dalby.jpg (687537 bytes)    IMG_0083-37667-Derby-270615-3Q54-2208-Carlisle-Derby-Rtc-20107-20096.jpg (611905 bytes)    IMG_0286-45041-Woodthorpe-GCR-290914.jpg (638440 bytes)    IMG_0371-60059-Attenborough-280815-6E46-0437-Kingsbury-Lindsey.jpg (574884 bytes)    IMG_0655-60010-Trent-Meadows-280915-6M00-Humber-Kingsbury.jpg (625641 bytes)    IMG_0720-60010-Barnetby-6E46-0437-Kingsbury-Lindsey.jpg (740041 bytes)    IMG_6351-37419-37422-Reedham-swingbridge-190916-2J67-0747-Lowestoft-Norwich.jpg (680221 bytes)

IMG_1027-60010-Barnetby-6M24-1713-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (492178 bytes)    IMG_0976-60039-Howsham-6M00-1430-Humber-Kingsbury.jpg (641878 bytes)    IMG_0665-68012-Stenson-300915-6U77-1342-Mountsorrel-Basford-Hall.jpg (565373 bytes)    IMG_0924-66749-Barnetby-6C28-1245-Humber-HIT-Eggborough.jpg (669350 bytes)    IMG_3067-60047-Rectory-Jn-190716-6M11-0124-Lindsey-Rectory.jpg (442135 bytes)    IMG_3898-60087.jpg (681443 bytes)    IMG_2359-150266-Carbis-Bay-120416.jpg (640283 bytes)    IMG_6294-37422-37419-pass-Limpenhoe-btw-Cantley-and-Reedham-with-5J67-0640-Crown-Point-Lowestoft-190617.jpg (587892 bytes)

IMG_6203-31452-37608-Derby-200517-ROG-ECS-for-Beerex-to-Barrow-Hill.jpg (622892 bytes)    IMG_6377-37422-37419-Gt-Yarmouth-190617-2P13-0917-to-Norwich.jpg (674223 bytes)    IMG_6430-37422-37419-Braydon-Jn-190617-2P17-1117-Gt-Yarmouth-Norwich.jpg (582201 bytes)    IMG_6529-68024-68002-Gt-Yarmouth-190617-2P28-1636-ex-Norwich.jpg (704407 bytes)    IMG_6558-37419-37422-arrive-at-Gt-Yarmouth-190617-with-2P32-1736-ex-Norwich.jpg (700653 bytes)    IMG_6577-37419-37422-Gt-Yarmouth-190617-2P33-1817-to--Norwich.jpg (660819 bytes)    IMG_6883-60059-Chevin-110817-6E46-0437-Kingsbury-Lindsey-diverted-via-Scunthorpe-due-to-bridge-work-at-Lincoln.jpg (652630 bytes)    IMG_9148.jpg (644216 bytes)